Rigging and Speed Tips

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Ched Proctor The Ched Matrix - Shields trimming advice from a former National Champion.

(Compiled by George Petrides of Shields Fleet #5 in cooperation with Ched Proctor of North Sails)
(Ched Proctor won the National Championship consecutively every year from 1989-1996.)

  "Shields Sailing and Other Bizarre Delights - 1988"

by Vic Onet (Large .pdf, 2.8mb)
(Vic Onet won the National Championship in 1988.)

  "Shields Class Measurement Memo - 1983"
Harken Rigging Diagram Harken rigging diagram
Oster Bay Boat Shop "Tricked Out" Shields from bam@oysterbayboatshop.com
Mast Step Form The formula for determining mast rake based on the measurements used to set the mast step is

cos(R+90) = (Ym^2+B^2-X^2) / (2*Ym*B)

R = Rake
Ym = Back of aft coaming to aft of mast at deck
X = Back of aft coaming to aft of mast at step
B = Bury
Mast rake calculator.