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Eight Bells - Dr. Charles Shoemaker Jr.

We are saddened by the loss of Newport resident, and long time Fleet 9 sailor, Dr. Shoe - as we affectionally called him. He owned and raced 245 Hawk for over 20 years and was a frequent participant for many a Nationals.


Trophy 2024 OGLC

Shields Ocean - Great Lakes Challenge Cup

Shields Fleet #7 and #12 and the Monterey Yacht Club (Organizing Authority)
Monterey, CA

April 12 to 14, 2024

Congratulations to the team from Newport, RI for winning the 2024 OGLC.

#SailorsSail NumberHomeport/FleetNetTotalR1R2R3R4R5
1Heather Shaver
George Shaver
Caila MacDonald
Heidi Ziskind
Jon Ziskind
181Newport, RI
Fleet 9
2Garth Hobson
Ashley Book
Austin Book
Logan Maloney
Max McCormick
103Monterey, CA
3Kurt Weisenfluh
Wes Bemus
Maura Weisenfluh
Owen Weisenfluh
John Mawe
23Larchmont, NY
Fleet 1
4James Wirtz
Larry Gamble
Justin Lacy
Heath Packard
96Monterey, CA
5Gerald J. (Jerry) Stratton161Monterey, CA
6Dante Fiala191Monterey, CA
7Maya Hoffman257Monterey, CA
8Steve Mettler
Cindy Alten-Delotto
Ian Smith
John Hess
Mike Banker
219Edgartown, MA
Fleet #8

Edgartown YC

Edgartown Yacht Club Annual Regatta

Shields Fleet #8 and the Edgartown Yacht Club (Organizing Authority)
Edgartown, MA

July 12 to 14, 2024

101st annual regatta. The fee for all keelboat classes is $115 per boat. This fee is waived for active members of Edgartown Yacht Club. A $50 late registration fee will be charged after 1400 on Friday, July 5. The races for Shields, J70 and Wianno Senior classes will be sailed in Edgartown Outer Harbor or Cow Bay.

IHYC Classic Yacht Regatta

2024 IHYC Classic Yacht Regatta

September 13, 2024 - September 15, 2024

A signature regatta for IHYC, classic yachts from around New England come to compete for the prestigious Founder’s Cup, Spartan Cup and Victory Award. With Shields Nationals being held just days later at Larchmont Yacht Club, there is no better way to get tuned up! Complimentary hoist and mooring use will be available. Please contact for more information, or visit our event website here.

Until June 1st, register for the IHYC Classic with the following code "IHYC<3SHIELDS" for $125 off IHYC CYR Registration. No food tickets included at this price, but you and crew will be able to take part in all the awards, snacks and free beer etc.

2024 National Regatta

60th Shields National Regatta

Larchmont Yacht Club
Larchmont, NY
September 18 to 21, 2024

2023 Regatta Logo

The 59th Shields National Championship Regatta

September 27 to 30, 2023
Beverly Yacht Club - Marion, MA

Congratulations to Graham Quinn and Karl Anderson in #235 Harrier for winning the National Championship Regatta. Thank you to all the volunteers, race officers and judges for their support and thank you to our sponsors Burr Brothers Boats; Sperry Sails; Harding Sails; Buzzards Bay Brewing; Forno Bakery; Southcoat Health. A special thank you to the planning committee for organizing and executing a terrific event.


Harrier #235

New York Yacht Club Annual Regatta

June 8 - 11, 2023

Congratulation to John Burnham and Reed Baer for winning the 169th annual regatta. Thank you to the Organizing Authority (the New York Yacht Club Regatta Association, Inc) and the host New York Yacht Club for a great event.

1107GraceJohn Burnham/ Reed Baer244232118.0
2 59JadeJosh Gilchrist6131123733.0
3258TinkyClayton Deutsch1323671234.0
4 17WeetamoePeter Fernberger796515538.0
5237Bit~O~HoneyKen Deyett825886239.0
6181HelenCaila MacDonald1117654842.0
7 11Apollo 11Joe Bardenheier 5810791343.0
8226Ultimate Pressure IIIJohn Ingalls3129448646.0
9109Helm of AweMalcolm Gefter1263121211460.0
10121MahiDavid Bush-Brown471111712961.0
11166TantrumJonathan Hough9108101191370.0
12238White RabbitRichard Robbins10515/DSQ910131173.0
13169SireneChris Ringdahl1311121413141087.0
14158GloryRon Oard1414131314101492.0

2022 Regatta Logo

The 58th Shields National Championship Regatta

September 6 - 10, 2022 - Ida Lewis Yacht Club - Newport, RI

Apollo 11 Shoots the Moon at 34-Boat Shields Nationals

Newport, R.I. (Sept. 11, 2022) - Apollo 11, the oldest boat in a 34-boat fleet of Shields racing outside of Newport’s Brenton Reef, won a six-race series yesterday to capture the Class’s 58th National Championship by one point. Skipper Andy Green, of Newport, sailed with fellow owners Joe Bardenheier and Dale Harper, as well as Jon Howland and Geordie Shaver.

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# Sail Yacht Name 123456 TO Total
1 11 Apollo 3141117[11] 16
2 107 Grace 2123426[12] 17
3 156 Bomba Charger 75111410[14] 24
4 224 Virginia 198943[9] 25
5 74 Karaselet 56222115[21] 30
6 258 Tinky 821117125[17] 38
7 239 Syrinx 113266513[26] 38
8 181 Helen 613724311[24] 40
9 254 Aeolus 1441213202[20] 45
10 160 Diversion 417228174[22] 50
11 201 Hope 35/DSQ7512199[35] 52
12 169 Sirene 10101032321[23] 54
13 237 Bit~O~Honey 9111626/TLE812[26] 56
14 26 Tango 2586191114[25] 58
15 166 Tantrum 2318171871[23] 61
16 121 Mahi 1729157616[29] 61
17 33 Maverick 3016201498[30] 67
18 180 Martin 21271451033[33] 77
19 151 Meander 13211326/TLE1526[26] 88
20 149 Merlin 1224231534/DSQ19[34] 93
21 248 The Grinch 22301926/TLE1320[30] 100
22 59 Jade 16222726/TLE1818[27] 100
23 207 Circe 29329212617[32] 102
24 158 Glory 282321102523[28] 102
25 101 ISLA 191924163124[31] 102
26 106 Lady 24143134/DSQ2227[34] 118
27 245 Hawk 15203026/TLE2932[32] 120
28 96 October 183435/DNF26/TLE1628[35] 122
29 221 Cornelia 20152926/TLE35/DNC35/DNC[35] 125
30 223 Aileen 262825202731[31] 126
31 139 Delaplaine 33253326/TLE2422[33] 130
32 219 DeJa Vu 27311835/DNC3225[35] 133
33 238 White Rabbit 322628222829[32] 133
34 205 Nemesis 313332233030[33] 146

Newport Classic Yacht Regatta
PlaceSail #Skipper1234Total
1181Ed Adams11114
2237Ken Deyett 332210
3166Jonathan Hough223310
4158Ron Oard 446418
5205Jonathan Krumeich664521
6221Stephen L. Glascock775625
7258Clayton Deutsch558826
-249Jon McClean/Skip DieballDNCDNCDNCDNC-

Daniel Island YC

Shields Class has a New Fleet!

Fleet #22 has been created for Daniel Island Yacht Club in Charleston, SC. The Daniel Island Yacht Club aims to create a welcoming environment for boaters, fostering a culture rooted in a deep respect for the water that honors and connects the membership.

Dave Perry Rules

Shields Class Racing Rules Webinar Series with Dave Perry

Sponsored by the Shields Class and Shields Fleet 9

Recorded sessions can be seen at

The Shields Class Foundation website is now open and interested in donations of cash and Shields (boat, sails, equipment and trailers). The mission of the Foundation is To preserve authentic one-design yacht racing competition and culture through the introduction and education of new adult and youth sailors to Shields Class sailing everywhere.

Foundation logo

US Sailing
The Shields Technical Committee and National Measurer have authorized experimentation of a full length top batten on the mainsail. See discussion. See some of the pictures of a mainsail in Monterey, CA and let us know your opinion.


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