Maintenance Tips

Shields Parts List Link to Cape Cod Shipbuilding
Boom Parts List 1995 Style - Includes cut-out and internal outhaul.
Boat Stands Link to Brownell Boat Stands, Inc. web site
Quantum Sails Sources for cockpit and winter storage covers.
Harding Sails
Sperry Sails
Trailer Storage Check-list for storing and re-commissioning a Shields trailer
Trailer Trip Preparation Check-list for trailer axle trip preparation
Launch and Haul - From the Builder Masthead article by the Goodwins - Spring 2006
Backstay Maintenance - From the Builder Cape Cod Shipbuilding Co.
Cape Cod Shipbuilding Motor Mount Motor Mount
Cape Cod Shipbuilding Digital Compass Mount Compass Mast MountCompass Mast Mount-Side
From the Builder - Making Flotation Tanks Water-Tight Masthead article by the Goodwins - Spring 2010