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Question:What is allowed to re-build the deadwood?
ID Number:000036
Short Answer: 
Answer:This topic is being worked on by the Technical Committee. The goal is provide guidelines, best-practice, rules or prohibitions related to the deadwood.  
Status:In Process
Action Date: 
Tue Sep 26 15:36:14 2023
2011-02-16Richard RobbinsPhoto provided by Kim Roberts:
Deadwood being repaired
2011-02-16Richard RobbinsShields keel:
Shields Keel
2011-02-16Richard RobbinsKeel and deadwood together.
Keel and deadwood together
2011-02-16Richard RobbinsLimited access hole for deadwood repair/inspection. (From CCSB)
Deadwood access hole for maintenance
2011-02-16Richard RobbinsDamaged Shields hull at deadwood (hull is upside-down).
Damaged hull