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Topic:Control Lines
Question:Are both sets of jib tracks required?
ID Number:000029
Short Answer:Yes 
Answer:The rule reads "The jib sheet tracks shall be located on deck exactly as indicated below and in the following drawing." I see no room for leaving the 15" thwartship tracks not installed (even if they are not used). 
Action Date: 
Fri Dec 9 16:51:20 2022
2009-04-01Andy BurtonI agree that the rules say the athwartships tracks must be left in place, but I have never used them and know of no one who does. It wouldn't break my heart if we allowed them to be left off the deck.
2009-04-06Kim RobertsThe shields could be made into a much faster boat, better on a great many fronts, but our job is to see that it remains the same. A Shields track layout is shown above and it should remain that way.
2009-04-07Richard RobbinsAn interpretation has been added to the web site rules that indicates that both sets of tracks are required.