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Topic:Sail Measurement
Question:Do both spinnaker measurements apply: 10.0' max at any location (at 90 deg.) and 10' 6" max 15' radial
ID Number:000023
Short Answer:Yes 
Answer:We have had trouble with these two dimensions as being somewhat in conflict. The resolution has been that the 10' max. is applied at any location and the 15' radial girth ends up to be something around 9' 8" to 10' 0". It seems that the 10' 6" really never gets used. If one draws out the geometry the numbers are not in conflict (on paper) but in practice they do seem to be difficult to achieve. It is difficult to make a smooth shape and hit both the 10' 6" girth and the 10' 0" width. 
Action Date:2008-09-24