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Question:Can the length of the jib battens be extended?
ID Number:000013
Short Answer:No 
Action Date: 
Wed Apr 17 03:20:27 2024
2008-02-28Charles ShoemakerSailmakers have indicated that by allowing longer battens that we will extend the wear of the sail, without changing its performance "out of the bag". Over time the sail with the longer battens should outperform.
2008-02-28HL DevoreI believe that even if true a change would be detrimental to the class in the short term and that we should avoid any change that would even temporarily have us less than one design or worse giving owners the sense of being out of sync with the class and thereby giving them an "excuse" to withdraw or participate less.
2008-09-04William BerryFrom my discussion with Ched (North Sails) it seemed there was little to gain from longer jib battens, and the same with different materials such as mylar.
2008-09-12Richard RobbinsBased on research and discussion of the Technical Committee (9/11/2008) no change in battens or sail material is proposed.