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Question:May the boom turning bail be soft (Spectra) or not used rather than Stainless?
ID Number:000009
Short Answer:No 
Answer:A bail for the Mainsheet turning block shall be located 13 feet 3/4 inches from the after face of the mast. The turning block may be a double block. (See Section VII - Official Plans) 
Action Date:2008-07-29
Fri Dec 9 16:21:49 2022
2008-04-03Richard RobbinsThe technical committee discussed this issue (3/12/2008) and it was decided that the bail used for the mainsheet must be stainless steel. Any device used between the mainsheet bail (#16 on Official Plan) and the mainsheet block (#14 on Official Plan) to keep the mainsheet in-place is optional and can be of any design.
2008-07-30Richard RobbinsAdopted by Governing Board July 29, 2008. See July, 2008 Version of Rules.
2010-12-17Richard RobbinsIs this boom legal (notice no bail)?
No Bail Boom
The ClassRules indicate: 8.1 Mainsheet Trim Arrangement - The location of block(s) and cleat(s) on the boom for adjusting the mainsheet is optional.
But the rules also state:
6.4 Mainsheet Bail - A bail (stainless steel) for the Mainsheet turning block shall be located 12 feet 1-7/8 inches from the after face of the mast.
2010-12-19Kristian MartincicTheres a LOT of variation on existing boats which justifies looking at this detail issue. I've seen flip flop blocks like shown, quite a few metal bails, eyestraps which are a bit light for the task and all kinds of other oddball stuff. I would be open to modifying the rule to allow for current setups, and because the Schaefer 90.09, which is the recommended bit of gear, isn't a good fit for the Shields boom, as it rotates forward downwind, which scratches the finish on the boom where the blocks hit it and where the bolt spins and binds the mainsheet block to one side if the bail stays forward.