Cox-Sprague Scoring

Current Standings 2022
Qualification = 4 Races

The 2022 Summer Twilight and Saturday series races will be used to determine the Fleet #10 champion. Score with background is included in championship score (qualified race). Score in [brackets] is discarded. Mouse-over score tool-tip is Cox-Sprague score / perfect score. Races are ranked according to number of starters and then by position. Each yacht's score is her top 4 ranked races as percentage of perfect. Percentage of perfect is the sum of Cox-Sprague scores divided by the sum of perfect scores for the selected races. See table of Cox-Sprague scores. Number of races to qualify is 50% of the total number of races but not less than 2 or greater than 15. Non-qualified yachts are ranked according to their number of races. Tie breakers not applied.
6-16 112[3]     
6-16 212[3]     
6-18 11[3]2     
6-18 2[2]1[3]     
6-23 112[3]     
6-23 2[1][3]2     
6-25 1[1][3]2     
6-25 2[1][3]2