Shields Class Sailing Association

Old Rules - Replaced April 14, 2020

Section VI

Rules Governing the National Championship Regatta

  1. By-Laws Governing the National Regatta

    No changes.

  2. Rules for the National Championship Regatta
    1. Sailing Rules

      Except as otherwise specified in this Section VI or in the Sailing Instructions, the rules of the United States Sailing Association shall govern.

    2. Crew Numbers

      The number of persons aboard a boat shall be not less than three. For crews of five or more a limit of 1000 lbs shall apply. There is no weight limit on crews of three or four persons. Each boat shall be required to carry, throughout all races, the same number of persons on board as at the start of the first race of the regatta. The Notice of Race and/or Sailing Instructions shall address the methods for enforcement of this rule.

    3. Scoring

      The United States Sailing Association's Appendix A, Low Point System, shall be used.

    4. Courses
      1. The courses shall be Windward-Leeward or Windward-Leeward Triangle courses of the type shown in the United States Sailing Association's Appendix L, Addendum A, or courses substantially similar thereto, and shall be published and illustrated in the Sailing Instructions.
      2. The minimum length of the course sailed shall be six nautical miles. However, in the event that the completion of a race is threatened by the approach of the time limit, the Race Committee may, at its discretion, shorten the race, provided that the course sailed is judged a "fair" test and will be at least 4 nautical miles in length.
      3. The time limit for each race shall be three hours, subject to such further limitation as may be established by the Committee.
    5. Number of Races

      There shall be not more than eight nor fewer than three races. Three races completed will constitute a Regatta. No more than three races per day can be scheduled.

    6. Sailing Restrictions - Hiking

      Extraordinary means of hiking are prohibited in the National Championship Regatta. (See Section III - Basic Rules, 5.3 Sailing Restrictions - Hiking)

    7. Regatta Guidelines

      The following guidelines for the Regatta are to be followed where practicable:

      1. It should not be held in the territory of the same Fleet in two consecutive years.
      2. It should be held on open water as free as possible from headlands, shoals and obstructions.
      3. It should be held where an active Fleet can assist with arrangements.
      4. It should be held either during the month of August or September.
      5. It should be scheduled over three or four days. The number of races per day shall be determined by the National Championship Committee in coordination with the Race Committee.