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Measurer’s Interpretations and Recommendations

§I-VI-A5: The National Measurer shall interpret and recommend changes in the specifications. He shall have such assistance from the Technical Committee as is necessary and appropriate. Such interpretations and recommendations shall be subject to approval by the Governing Board. They shall be published as Measurer’s "Interpretations" or "Rulings" or as new or amended Specifications as soon as adopted in the manner provided by the Constitution and By-Laws.

Status *Action
HullCan a paint designed to prevent growth be used even though it is not called "anti-fouling".No In ProcessDetails
HullWhat is allowed to re-build the deadwood? In ProcessDetails
DeckWhat is allowed to re-build the deck? In ProcessDetails
MainsailCan the mainsail be used loose footed? Can the battens be extended?No In ProcessDetails
JibCan the jib be used with roller reefing?No In ProcessDetails
Basic RulesCan hiking be assisted using existing lines? What are the limits on athletic hiking? In ProcessDetails
Affirmed Interpretations and Recommendations
HullCan the tiller be constructed from other then wood?No Affirmed-XDetails
DeckMay drain holes be cut in the toe rail?Yes AffirmedDetails
DeckMay the backstay sheave be a Harken 310?Yes AffirmedDetails
CockpitDoes the coaming need to project 2" above the deck?Yes AffirmedDetails
CockpitMay the floorboards be re-constructed from plywood?Yes AffirmedDetails
MastWould it be legal to use Tball shroud terminals in lieu of marine eyes on the mast?No AffirmedDetails
MastThe mast is currently being produced at 39' 4-5/8" but the specifications are 39' 6"? AffirmedDetails
BoomMay the boom turning bail be soft (Spectra) or not used rather than Stainless?No Affirmed-XDetails
BoomIs the dimension for placement of the boom bail correct?No Affirmed-XDetails
BoomIs the current boom with diagonal cut legal at 13' 11" length?Yes AffirmedDetails
Backstay/Boomvang/Outhaul AdjustmentsIs wire the only permitted material for the connection of the backstay through the backstay gland?No AffirmedDetails
Backstay/Boomvang/Outhaul AdjustmentsMay the boomvang be attached to the mast using a strap?Yes Affirmed-XDetails
Control LinesIs a fraculator (a system to steady the mast forward downwind) permitted?Yes AffirmedDetails
Control LinesMay sheets have a section of their cover stripped off?Yes Affirmed-XDetails
Control LinesIs the allowed purchase of the mainsheet 8:1 and can this be accomplished with a fine and coarse set of blocks?Yes AffirmedDetails
Control LinesMay the spinnaker foreguy fairlead be moved? (The goal being to keep the foreguy from pulling the pole forward.)No Affirmed-XDetails
Control LinesMay the spinnaker halyard exit the mast above the deck?Yes AffirmedDetails
Control LinesAre both sets of jib tracks required?Yes Affirmed-XDetails
Optional EquipmentMay an electronic compass (i.e., TackTick) be used?Yes AffirmedDetails
Optional EquipmentIs there a change required of the class rules for RRS 2009-2012?Yes AffirmedDetails
JibThe Class Rules indicate the jib battens are 2 inches wide - is this correct?No AffirmedDetails
Sail MeasurementDo both spinnaker measurements apply: 10.0' max at any location (at 90 deg.) and 10' 6" max 15' radialYes Affirmed-XDetails
Jib MeasurementIs there a better means to measure the jib head apex?Yes AffirmedDetails
Basic RulesIs there a limit on crew number or weight?Yes AffirmedDetails
Spinnaker PoleCan the spinnaker pole be carbon fiber?No AffirmedDetails
Spinnaker PoleWould it be legal to store the spinnaker pole on the boom while racing?No AffirmedDetails
Tabled Issues
HullMay deck splash boards be used?No TabledDetails
HullCan the floatation system be improved?Yes TabledDetails
Control LinesCan the spinnaker pole taper be less then 2 inches?No TabledDetails
JibCan the length of the jib battens be extended?No TabledDetails
SpinnakerCan a smaller spinnaker be used?No TabledDetails
Basic RulesCan non-inventory sails be used in a race for sail testing?Yes TabledDetails
* Status Values:

To submit new questions for interpretation and recommendation please email the Shields National Measurer. To add a comment to a specific topic, go to the Details page for that topic and enter your comment.

Measurer’s Approval for Experimentation

§III-4.0 Basic Rules Governing Deviations from the Specifications: If a Fleet wishes to experiment with or otherwise permit a deviation from the Specifications, approval for such experiment or deviation shall be obtained from the National Measurer. The National Measurer may set certain terms, conditions and reporting requirements on any such experiment or deviation.

The Technical Committee and National Measurer have authorized and encourages the experimental use of the current mainsail loose footed (leaving the foot bolt-rope out of the boom groove) in local fleet racing per local fleet Sailing Instructions. Use of a clew strap is also allowed. Results of the local fleet racing with the mainsail loose footed are to be reported to Technical Committee.

The use of a small spinnaker for local fleet racing is permitted for use as a training sail. Approval is granted for individual fleets to adopt the use of a small spinnaker for use in Shields racing according to the following conditions:

  1. The use of the small spinnaker is only approved for racing within a local fleet and not approved for regatta use.
  2. The use or acquisition of the small spinnaker shall not be required of any registered yacht and shall remain strictly optional.
  3. The acquisition or use of a small spinnaker shall not change or be counted as to sail "credits" [Section V-1.0].
  4. The requirements for qualification of a registered yacht, skipper, and sails is unchanged in that the normal spinnaker must be raced in 10 races in order for it to be qualified for the National regatta. [Section VI-1.2(d)]
  5. The specifications for the small spinnaker shall be open to experimentation. The initial target is to have the sail approximately 25% smaller. In order to easily differentiate from the normal spinnaker when flown, the small spinnaker shall not include sail numbers [Section V-7.4].
  6. In order for a small spinnaker to be used in local racing, it must be adopted by the local fleet. The use details (when allowed, scoring, etc.) of the small spinnaker is left to the local fleets and should be made part of their Sailing Instructions.
  7. Fleet captains shall report to the National Measurer as to the use and recommendations related to the small spinnaker at the end of the season.

Dated: March, 2012

Signed: Richard Robbins

Sat Jun 15 22:41:17 2019